Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day Travel

I'm going with my sister Wendy and my daughter's HS friend to visit the grandbabies. The girls are going to a scrap book convention, I'm going to watch the grandbabies so my daughter can take off for a weekend with my sis and her BFF from High School.

It's going to be a fun trip, and a good Mother's day! I can't wait. The grandbabies really have no sense of time, but keep asking when we are coming, the only way to make them understand that it is 2 more days is to tell them they have so many more nights of sleep before we arrive.

Each morning this week on my way to work, or when I am at my desk one or the other of the grandkids will call to tell me "Only 3 more sleeps"....the next day, "Only 2 more sleeps' and so on. Today Miss O got out of bed, I got a texted picture of her with "1 more sleep" as the caption. In anticipation of my arrival, she has moved to the back of the van, saving me a seat in the middle seat of the van. She is also talking about having 'girl' time together. If you don't speak 4 year old, that means 'take me shopping and buy me ice cream'. It's going to be a fun time.

Noah Benoah has a soccer game on saturday, it will be fun to watch him. He's gotten the idea of how you play the game, he scored 2 goals in one game last week, in another he scored 1 goal and assisted in 2.......his dad is pretty athletic and's the whole tree and fruit thing. HA!!!

I saw Isaac 2 weeks ago, so am happy to say I will see both of my kids this year around Mother's day. Life is good.

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