Monday, March 19, 2007

5 Quirky Things About Me

  1. I have to put my socks on before I can put on my slacks. If I don't have socks right there, then I run around until I get them, then put on my pants. Weird, I know.
  2. Butter or margarine have to be soft. I don't like it hard at all, therefore, it sits out to be spreadable. I know where this comes from.
  3. Can't run out of TP or bath soap, I am a fanatic about this, I usually have 3 packages of 8 bars of zest on hand, and don't get me started on the TP.....this way with laundry soap, too. Have 2 on hand most of the time.
  4. I sort my potato chips before I eat them, not sure why, but I do, then I eat them in order of their size, starting with the smaller ones first.
  5. When the weather is cold outside, I love to have the window open so the cold air blows across the bed, but the bed warmer must be on, and I am in my flannel PJ's, drives poor Steve crazy.
  6. Shower curtain has to be SHUT, no ifs ands or buts about it.
  7. I have a certain way my towels have to be folded, and my washcloths, and I get twitchy if they are put away 'wrong' or folded 'wrong'.
  8. When eating, my foods can't touch. If I have second helpings and there are 'wet' items on the plate that ran, I wash the plate off before I use it again. Hate holidays when people have all their food touching each other, can you say NASTY!?
  9. Don't like things sitting on my counters. I want things tidy and neat. I have things sitting on them most of the time, and it drives me nuts.
  10. I have been told I am a tight wad. I will use the same water bottle over and over until it is too old and worn. But, if you want something, no matter the cost I will make a way to find it/buy it/get it for you. WHY? Don't know, but I do that, makes my family crazy. I will buy them things, then whine I have to pay $5 for something for myself.
  11. ADDED THIS: Oh, I eat the food on my plate one item at a time, the potatoes first, then the veggie, then the meat. Usually in that order.

It's weird, I named 10 things on a post that says 5 things quirky, and I bet there are others that can tell you I have more. HAHA


supermom said...

i never knew you didn't like food to touch. that is interesting.

JEN said...

HAHAHAHA! I love these! I am the same way about my socks - I always hope no one is peeking in my windows as I am frantically looking for socks with out my pants on! heehee!