Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bragging just a little

I brought home a cheesy little rolling pin from one of the cooking stores at the outlet mall. I asked Steve to make some for the grandkids out of wood. He turned some rolling pins for us a few years back. That is a story in itself that I'll tell you one day.

Here are the pins he made for Noah and Olivia. They love to bake in the kitchen with their mom. The pins turned out very cute, he used the el-cheapo one as a pattern for it's length and the diameter. Otherwise, they are along the same lines as the ones he made all of the sisters.

My son, Isaac makes pens out of wood. One of the women from my bead group gave him some deer antler to turn some pens for her nephews. It is pretty cool. Her dad picks up antler, and she is asking Isaac to make pens out of that antler to encourage the boys to practice their penmanship. Here are two of the pens. I think they are so beautiful. When Isaac first asked us to get him some antler, I thought it was the most awful, macabre idea, but the results are just unbelievable. However, the antler is toxic to work with, once this order is done, he won't be doing it again, it is making him sick.

That's about all I have to say, got to get to the studio, I have a ton of beads to make today.

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supermom said...

grandpa always does such a great job. i didn't know antler was toxic, that is crazy weird.