Friday, March 9, 2007

Getting new carpet has not been fun

We have been looking for new carpet to put in our bedroom for awhile now. When we got our home (NuTrends) in Omaha, we ordered and paid for premium carpet. After being in the home only a few years, the carpet has 'wrinkled' in all the rooms. We have spent the last 18 months replacing every one of the floors with hardwood and new carpet.

This time, I got a patterned carpet, it has little leaves and vines in it, will look very nice in the large room we have. I ordered it, my hubby wanted dark green, so I ordered that. When looking for new bedding and drapes, I realized the color would limit me to the amount of decorations I could do, so we went back and changed the color. This would be my undoing.

Last week the carpet was to be laid on Monday, Nebraska Furniture Mart called at 6:45 am to say the carpet was being put on the truck, and it would be there in 1.5 hours. My hubby took off work, and was delighted that they were so prompt. About an hour later, the guy on the truck calls to say he broke down on the highway and would not be able to come. So, we rescheduled the carpet for the next day. I had to take the day off. When they showed up on Tuesday, the pad installation went very quickly. The installers carried the carpet into the room, and I mentioned how it was nice we got the WIDE carpet so there would not be any seams. HAHA, they both looked at me rather odd, and assured me we would have 3 seams.

I paid a small fortune for this rug, and I was not happy to hear this, so I called the store. After arguing with them for about 15 minutes, them telling me I DIDN'T ORDER WIDE CARPET, I suddenly realized I had changed the color, and would put money on the fact the width did not get copied over to the new order. Sure enough, the girl told me that I was correct, she could see the original order, and there it was, WIDE ordered. No apology from her or anything, she assured me the installers could lay the carpet and I would never be able to see the seam. When I hung up, I asked the 2 men to tell me honestly what they thought. Thank god there are still people in this world that will tell you the truth even at the risk of them getting in trouble. The guys told me they would not like to seam a patterned carpet, and over time the seams would show. Now, I ask you, how hard was that to say? So, I called up NFM and told them to fix the order, get it there and we would wait the length of time it took to get it laid, but they would have to lay it on a Saturday because they had already cost us 2 days of work.

That turned into an argument in itself, but they are going to be here tomorrow and put in the carpet! YAHOO! Thank GOD! I am so tired of my bedroom being all over the house. Pictures to come after it is all done!

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