Monday, March 26, 2007

This touched me

My daughter has a blog that I look at every day, hoping to see photos of those grandbabies. I don't get to see them nearly enough!

Today she talks about another woman's blog on her site, this woman has an autistic son. You can make a donation on behalf of Autisn Speaks. Here is the link to make a donation.

Autism is becoming more prevalent in society today, the research will tell us the reason why.

I am an advocate of making donations to organizations that can help families, or help research different illnesses. When I was a young newly married woman, my mother had cervical cancer, a short while later, my little sister was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis. An inflammation of the kidney's filtering system, causing multiple side effects. Wendy was gravely ill. My folks had 7 children at home, it was a very lean time for them. What with Mom's trips for radiation implants soon followed by Wendy's multiple hospital stays, and the medications, test strips for her urine, etc. There were no organizations that swooped in to help them with medications, the other children in the home, etc. They scraped by as best they could without any outside help. I think of this each time that I see something like this. Please don't feel any pressure to help out, but if you can, it would be wonderful.


supermom said...

wow, i am glad you saw that about autism. i donated to it. i think that autism is a huge issue and wish they could get to the root of the problem and FIX it. Ali is a super cool person. She does so much good in the "scrapbook world". She is a true inspiration herself. If she keeps the #1 spot, she gets to meet Kevin Bacon (i know that is not how u spel it). funny huh? i think it is so neat how the scrapping community has really supported her. So cool!

grandmacarnes said...

I donated, too, I think Autism is more prevalent over the years, and I wonder why? It seems to me there would be an explanation. Just like SIDS, they found a way to keep it from happening. Mom