Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I am a blog virgin

This is my very first blog, I decided to do it for fun. Many of you know me by my posts as GrandmaCarnes, or oldestsister Cindy. Many of my family and friends are blogging, and it looked like fun. Kind of a journal of your life, but shared with others. I asked for suggestions for the title, and my sister in law responded with a suggestion to call it Gray Hair Gray Hair.
I decided that women wear many hats in their lives, I wear these: Grandma/Mom/Wife/Aunt/Sister/Glass Bead Maker/Aunt/you get the idea. I want to show you my passion, I make glass beads, for fun, for a hobby. I love to sit at the torch and melt the time away. Since this is my first image, I don't know how big the picture will be, but it will be fun anyway.

I have a mother in law (MIL) that just had her hip replaced, tonight I am going to take her and my FIL a box full of easy, quick items to cook. Their stove has served as a file cabinet for many years, they eat all meals out. We got them a crock pot last year, they use it on occasion. Last night, I got them an electric griddle, hoping I could teach them how to make french toast, grilled cheese, pancakes, etc. Wish me luck!

I would also like to include a photo of my grandkids, they are the love of my life. They are adorable! Noah is 3, Olivia is 2. I call him Noah BaNoah, and her Miss Spicy Pants. Forgive me, the pictures are a little old, but I don't get pictures anymore, not since Super Mom started to blog. Here is a picture of her and her husband, too.
I have no pictures of my son, he is 19, a wonderful, loving, caring Christian boy who is in college struggling to discover who he is and what he wants to be when he grows up. I know how hard this is for him, I wish him luck. I want him to find what he wants to do, he is worried he won't make me proud, it is too late, he already has. With his loving, caring, gentle spirit and his kind heart, he has made me a very proud mother. Love ya, Isaac. I will get a picture of him up soon! This is all for now. I have a bead show coming end of March, I will let you know my progress as I go.


JEN said...

Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!! I'm so glad you have your own blog now!

You know something, after all of this time I have yet to see any of your beads. What is wrong with me?! Where is your show going to be at next? If its close I'll have to come check your work out! I'm always a sucker for spending money ya know! heehee!

supermom said...

not bad for a blog virgin. pretty beads and man, those babies sure are cute.