Saturday, March 10, 2007

New carpet is down!

This morning, I awoke to the joy of knowing the new carpet would be installed today. We had to take the bedroom apart and move it into the kitchen again. The installer came around 9:30, and was done at 10:45. He did a wonderful job. While he put the carpet in, I made a meatloaf, a huge pot of cheeseburger soup and a home-made chicken pot pie. I took the meat loaf and some soup to my in-laws because my father in law is doing the cooking until Joyce is back on her feet. Here's a photo of the pie:

I am so excited, and have been very busy today. The carpet is laid, the bedroom is put back together. I love the new look! Here is how the carpet looked before, I am not sure you can see the big curl in the room, but there were about 6 spots like that:

Now the carpet is nice and neat, the way I like it:


supermom said...

wow, looks very nice. i like how you put the blanket chest at the end of the bed. the bedding looks nice too. i bet you are happy to have your house put together again. love ya, karen :)

JEN said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!! I bet you feel so relieved and excited to finally have this project behind you! It looks great! The pie looks yummy! You need to post details on your next show....cuz I *need* to go! ha ha!

Deanne said...

It looks beautimous! Lucky you to get new carpet. I am going to have to take out a second mortgage to get all my carpet redone! :) I will have to come over and see it in person. Can I get the pie and soup when I come over? LMAO
Love you.

Brandy said...

3 days without an update, eh hemmmm, isn't there a lady who rides you to get r done?

Wendy said...

love the bedroom! I love your bedspread..i will need to come see it in person, but i don't want chix pot pie..i want caramel apple pie and coffee (but not as hot as you drink it!lol)
love you