Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bird Pictures

Karen, Bryan and the kids are coming to see us next weekend. I had McKenzie come help me clean today, she was good help, we got a ton of stuff done. I think I'll have her come back again. It is good to have young people around you, they bring such a freshness. Life is pretty easy when you are kids.

Here are the birds in the nest, it looks like all 5 eggs hatched. I never did take another photo, but there ended up being 5 eggs total in the basket. I have been excited to see them hatch. They were all done when we got back from seeing Noah last week.

Here are random photos. Some of the kids last week:

The play room at the hospital caused a bit of concern. The rules were to only allow the patients in the room. Olivia cried when we told her, but she was good and stayed in the room with us while Isaac took Noah to the play room. Soon the nurse came to tell us they didn't like to hear her crying, since there were only 4 patients on the wing that day and none of them were in the room except Noah, she could play in the toy room too. She was so happy, and they both were well behaved while there.

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