Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Surgery is over

The surgery is over..........Mom is in her room with a colostomy bag, she remained stable through the whole ordeal. The Drs. and nurses at Methodist Hospital were great. We got hourly reports during the surgery, which is phenomenal, in my opinion.

The family was all there with the exception of one brother. It was a good time to visit. We all enjoy different types of games, we played buzz word for awhile. Two sisters brought DVD players and movies. There were popcorn and starbucks runs, a run to Target. All in all we stayed busy. The time seemed to go by quickly. I don't think it was as painful if we didn't have all of our siblings to share in the wait.

Mom went in at 12:59, arriving in her room at ll:10pm. She was stable, with some pain, the nurses were working with her when we left.

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