Monday, June 9, 2008

Birds are bigger and look like birds today

It's amazing how fast mother nature lets her furry children mature. So much different from our earthly human ones. They are looking like birds, they now have little feathers and look like little finch birds. AMAZING!!!

Steve works with a woman in his office they all call a 'girly girl'. She loves jewelry and wears and owns a ton of it. When she found out I made glass beads, she wanted to see my jewelry. She had seen some on display at Von Mauer in Omaha at the WestRoads Mall, and was interested in seeing what I did.

I had my jewelry in that store during the same time, but the artist that had the contract decided to remove her jewelry from the store. Steve took my jewelry to work one day, and Vicki grabbed this bracelet, asking for earrings to match. Apparently, she had seen the bracelet and wanted it, but it was priced $265 after mark up at Von Mauer. It happened to be in the items I sent with Steve that day. She was relieved to see the price was nowhere near $265! HAHA

She brought the bracelet back to me because the little dangly by the heart had broken off. I repaired it, shined it up and returned it to her, she was thrilled!

Karen, here are the shorts I got Miss O at WalMart today, I love the little princess shirt, the buttons on the left shoulder reeled me in.

Here are the shorts I got, they had some really cute ones, but all the size 3's were sold out.

Here is the muffin pan, it is too cute. Thanks to the 50% off coupons to Michael's. The place was packed today when I went there.

See, it looks like the Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan, only it is for cupcakes, so cute, here is a side view:

Here's the sprinkles I tried to explain on the phone:

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