Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Leaving for home today

As soon as Brian gets off of work at noon, we will be leaving for home.

Noah was released from the hospital yesterday, he is bouncing back, but slowly. Yesterday he laid and slept, his appetite isn't what it should be, but we are encouraging him. The Dr. said to have him drink, which is his weakness, I think that might be why he didn't bounce back from this the way his sister did, he is a poor drinker.

They make orange colored gatorade, and purple, so I came home with 2 bottles, one for him and Olivia. Amazingly, it is almost gone, he loves it!

Here are some pictures of the ordeal.

The hospital has a project called the 'Linus' project. There is a group that makes blankets, they give them to the kids that come into the hospital sick. Noah's was 60"x80" and he loves it! He wrapped up in it and felt much better, more at ease and at home. The nurses at Avera St. Lukes were amazing, thanks, Nonah, you are the best!

Notice his sister had to go see him, she would wake up and ask if she could go see her brother, they are so close, it is really neat. I hope it lasts throughout their lives.

I tried to download pictures from my SD card, but Karen's pc isn't working right, so I can't, I think she needs more sheep. (Kids name for RAM) HAHA

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