Thursday, June 12, 2008

Noah's Test Results/ Wal-Mart visit lasted 4 hours/50th Birthday Party

Karen called yesterday to tell me Noah's final test results came back, his spinal fluid was positive for entero virus, which is responsible for 90% of meningitis in children.

I am so glad his Dr. kept him in the hospital and treated him with antibiotics. He did that solely based on a positive neuro exam that he performed on Noah in his office. He knew deep down that Noah really had it, but it was caught very early. Maybe the rotovirus with the meningitis combined made his symptoms appear earlier.

We're just relieved he is back to his ornery self, tormenting his sister and playing race cars with his dad.

I got stuck in a local Wal-Mart last night due to the weather. I arrived there at 6:30, left at 10:30. There were tornado warnings all around us, all customers got put into the back room for our safety.

For the record, it isn't any fun being stuck there, I had no dinner, nothing to drink, it was very tiresome standing for hours.

I coordinated a birthday party at work for a co-worker that turned 50 today. I was going to make muffins (You'll get that recipe on Recipe Friday) that can be held in the fridge for up to 6 weeks. They are delish!

Wal-Mart finally released the patrons, but told us we could not make purchases because their employees had to remain in the back of the store.

So, 4 hours later, I left without a thing to show for my trip. The store announced we could all leave, but could not make purchases because the area was still under a tornado warning. The employees had to stay in the back due to store policy. The custromers were being released because there were no 'tornado cells' in the area.

Here's the picture of Mike's cubicle. YOu can't see it in the photo (came from a camera phone) but we made a roof out of black streamers.

Here is the cake, it was disappointing, we thought it would be 'pile' shaped:

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Deanne said...

I feel for ya sister! I hate walmart and to be stuck there for 4hours would have done me in!
Love the cake!