Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tornado South of town

*****Note to Larry, the cake recipe is posted under the post: Something to do over the holiday weekend. I would have emailed you a copy, but you have no contact information attached to your post.

The John Deere Dealership North of town, you can see the tornado cloud South of town.

The neighbor's trampoline caused damage to our son's car:

The kids were anxious for Uncle Isaac to get up, first they sat at the top of the stairs watching the door to the guest room waiting for him to poke his head out,
that soon got tiresome, so they went and opened the door.

I am making Psalm 23 bracelets to send to my friend Karen in Colorado. She and her husband do mission trips to Canada every year. The older girls will be given a kit to allow them to learn the Psalm while stringing a piece of jewelry to help remember each day the gospel of the Lord. I made one for Miss O while visiting. She loved it and wore it each day:

Here is Isaac playing a game with Noah, they were buddies the whole time after Noah was dismissed from the hospital:

Miss O, here are the baby birds that hatched in Grandma's hanging basket on the porch.

Here is a picture of Noah's puppy, he had to endure the hospital stay with Noah, he had his own "LINUS" blanket to cover up with:

Miss O at the hospital, she dressed herself, on the way out the door, she grabbed her little purple hat with the pink flower on it and popped it on her head, how cute it was!!!


supermom said...

wow, the pics are great.

are those kids cute or what?

Deanne said...

I'm glad Noah is better. I was thinking of him!
Love D

supermom said...

cute pics. Miss O sure is cute! Love the pics of noah & isaac!