Thursday, August 9, 2007

32 Years ago today

I changed my life forever. I married Steve, I couldn't believe my good fortune, he was everything to me, and still is, I find him more amazing each day. He is polite, thoughtful, sweet, considerate and patient. Today I got into my car to find a card from him, he manages to always find a card that says what he wants to say, but in a way that he could never put into words. Does that make sense?

When we got married, the event was made even more special by my friend Karen, she drove in from Denver to be my maid of honor. I have never met a kinder, sweeter person. I only wish we could keep in closer contact. She is such a great gal, I named our first born after her.

We're goign to the Iowa State Fair this weekend, we tried to think of something to do to celebrate, but we both wanted to go to the fair, we haven't been in about 3 years. This will give us a good excuse.

Today the temperatures are headed back up into the 90's, it will be 100 on Sunday while we are walking all over the State Fair Grounds in Des Moines.

Here's some pictures of the grandbabies. I miss them so much!
Noah didn't mind the bug, or bugs at all, he looked it all over before turning it loose:

Olivia is our little spicy pants, she is busy as ever, all the time:


Deanne said...

Wow I get to be the first one to wish you a very very happy anniversary!! What a milestone!
Love you.

Brandy said...

Happy Anniversary!