Saturday, August 25, 2007

Homemade Noodles galore

Today I spent the day with my sisters, Deanne, Brandy, Michelle. Three neices came to help with the noodle making. We made 35# of flour and 10 dozen eggs into noodles for the Whistle Stop days. WE had a good time, everybody was pretty even tempered, nobody got into an argument of any kind (kind of unusual for our group, everybody is so opinionated and strong minded, we survived).

It was a ton of fun to get together. Most of the work was done and all the sisters and neices left around 1:30-2:00. I hung out and finished the task of bagging noodles, cutting and bagging the beef roast, washing all the cookies sheets and re-arranging the freezer to hold the 3 Gal. buckets of broth. We did the laundry, folded it, vaccuumed the area, and then Deanne didn't have to look at any of it again until the event on Sept. 15th. Wish you could have been there. Pictures will most likely be on Tarbender Dee's blog.


supermom said...

pics please, chop chop!

grandmacarnes said...

I have no pictures, Aunt Deanne took some, though. Megan, Katie and Celeste are noodle making pros now.

grandmacarnes said...
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