Saturday, August 4, 2007

Little Brother Mikey

When I was 15 my mother delivered twins, Michael and Michelle. I thought they were the bees knees. When I wasn't working in her restaurant, I was helping take care of the two babies. They were happy, sweet little things. Michael spent most of his first year in the crook of my leg. I would sit with me legs crossed, Mike would be in the crook of my leg, I would talk to him and make faces. Cooing at him, I totally adored the two. It is no wonder I still love and adore Mike and Michelle. They bonded to me like I was a parent. I had a hard time getting married and leaving home without them. Steve and I would go see them often after we married. I took lots of pictures of them. We would take them out for littel trips, it was so much fun.

I have a picture I blog-swiped from little sister Wendy of Mike's little boy Justin. We call him "MR." HE didn't want to talk for quite a while, they got him to see a speech therapist that determined he COULD talk, he just didn't want to. Now he won't be still. Here he is when Mike's twin told him to say "CHEESE"

He is a funny little man, he has to get to know you before he will say anything or even come greet you. I finally got him to where he will come see me when there is a family gathering. He is so dang cute!

I hate that he is so allergic to peanuts. He has had a few very close calls. It is so scary, there is peanut oil in so many products that you would never think about unless you read the label.

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Brandy said...

I like him!! Actually, the allergist told me that peanut oil won't cause a reaction, something about it being refined. I won't take the chance myself but I thought it was interesting.