Monday, August 27, 2007

Halloween Party is coming SOOOOOOOON!

NOTE: I edited the last part of this today, I was too lazy to do a whole new post. I am trying to find time to download photos out of my camera to put on here. Projects are keeping me hopping, I got another area to try out the Facial Recognition software, so that will keep me moving a little faster! GOD! I love this job!

Today I got the email I waited for all year! We will start planning the party at Michelle's house. Michelle is one of my sisters. She has a twin, Michael. In her back yard is a huge outbuilding, one of those metal things farmers put their equipment in. It has electricity, a furnace and a wood burner. WE have all kinds of get togethers in that building. She does a fish fry twice a year. Her husband has an uncle from Alaska that brings back fresh halibut and salmon in huge coolers. They cut it into bite sized pieces, we cook it in a big turkey fryer. The family on both sides comes to the gathering.

Michelle and Jason also have their musical equipment all set up in this building, they sing and play music all night long. Sometimes we go into the wee hours of the morning.

Last year, we did a Halloween party for the kids in all the families. Each child invited their class. I forget how many kids came, but it was close to 100, maybe more! This year the kids are already talking about it and how much fun they had last year. We did games, had food in typical Halloween style, witches fingers, eyeballs, a brain, here is the link. I used most of this gal's ideas last year.

Michelle made this Litter Box Cake:

It looks just like kitty litter. The kids were so disgusted, but they wanted to eat it, too! The link for the recipe is here

We did a brain mold, it was realistic. The kids thought it was fun. :

We left the raspberry jello out of the center that made it look like it was bleeding when you cut it.

There were also hot dogs, maid rites, chips and drinks, but you can imagine the fun they had trying all the 'gross' stuff.

The kids all won prizes for playing games.

Michelle has a little house between her main house and the large outbuilding. We used it to house "Mesmerelda" a fortune teller that had a spooky room all set up with lights and things. The kids loved her the best. She told fortunes, stuff like: "You are going to get a boyfriend/girlfreind this year." Or, "You are going to pass this year," or "You will have a pleasant dream tonight." Pretty predicatable stuff, but the kids LOVED it. One of the girls after she told her she was going to get a boyfriend, she said, "OH, I Hope he's cute!" We laughed over that one.

Here is Mesmerelda:

Her room:

EDIT: want to try this punch!


See why I am so excited to do it again?

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