Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Happy Birthday STEVE!

Last night we celebrated Steve's birthday. After a hair appt. (I got highlights) I got home later than usual. Steve's dad had already been by, Steve's brother showed up around 8:30, we had cake and great conversation. They left around 10, saw the news and off to bed, short night.

Not much else going on, we finally have some rain and cool weather, with a nice breeze. I love weather like this after it has been scorching hot for weeks. Wish it were the weekend, it would be great weather to be in the studio torching.


JEN said...

Tell Steve Happy Birthday!! I'm anxious to see you hair with highlights!! Do you like it?

Deanne said...

Happy Birthday to Steve, Happy Birthday to Steve, Happy Birthday dear Steeeeeeve, Happy Birthday to you!!

grandmacarnes said...

I like the highlights, they are subtle, she did a great job, the hairdo looks almost as it did in the magazine. She is great! I love her.

Wendy said...

Happy Birfday to you...happy birfday to you , happy birfday to steve, happy birfday to yououououou...
Imagine..someone being older than gray hair gray hair! ha..i kill me.