Thursday, August 16, 2007

School Supply Drive We Kicked REAR!

Our department's donation for last year was good, this year it was $1833.18. We won! Although I understand it is not official, it hasn't been announced housewide. We'll be in the newspaper that goes around the hospital. The teacher was so excited to see the stuff we brought, we had a huge box full of book bags (their number one most needed item each year, total of 30). We donated 130 notebooks, and 125 boxes of crayons. 40 pencil boxes, which she said she needed desperately for the kids in isolation. (Karen got them on clearance for a dime) She bought 2 cases.

Leslie, who lives in Malvern, and was a neighbor of ours for about 13 years read my blog. She took her kids to the stores, allowing them to pick out school supplies to donate. She got some great things, the one the teacher liked the most was the tinkerbell metal box, complete with a cute little beaded handle, the scented orange boxes with a little handle in the back molded in for easy grasping, the sequined pencil pouches, and her pencil boxes. They were especially thrilled to get the 2 pocket folder with team logos on them, they have older kids they care for in Peds. We sometimes forget them, we get so cuaght up in buying the cute things for the littler children. The pencils Leslie got were adorable, they had little heads on them. The teacher said they use them for motivational prizes. All in all, we had 3 people to take the items up the hill. WE had a large cart loaded with stuff, one person taht carried the big box of book bags, and one carried the boxes of pencil boxes.

When we approached the desk to deliver the items, the people all shouted and clapped their hands. They were worried our department wasn't going to 'show' this year. (We have now built up a reputation. Who would have guessed?) Anyway, they all shouted that IT was here, so the people came out of all their cubes to look everything over. They couldn't believe the things we had on the cart. Balls, rattles, educational games, flash cards, workbooks, color books. It was so much fun, gave you a warm fuzzy feeling for doing such a good deed.

Here's a picture of my dear friend Kim, she works in my department. She and I are good buddies. We do the donations at Christmastime together. We take them to the Ronald McDonald house. It is also fun.


Deanne said...

Wowie Zowie, that is a ton of stuff! Good for you guys and Congrats on winning again!

Brandy said...

What a rock star! It is always a good feeling to do something to help another that can really use it, especially kids.