Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Department Photo gone astray

Matt, the guy in front of me moved his head just as we got ready to take the photo. All of us got together for a photo op (required annually). These photos go into the hospital directory. This is the very last one, they just had to get it all out of their systems before we could break up.

The photo has to be redone, the gal taking the picture got so tickled at some of the comments and 'behavior' that she took very blurry pictures! HA, and to think they are all very professional in their jobs!

The woman with her finger up in the air telling us we are all number 1 is our boss!


Deanne said...

I love working with fun people!! It makes the day go so much faster.
How come they are splitting you guys up?

grandmacarnes said...

Oh, we are not 'breaking up', I meant breaking up for this photo session. We have to all be back in that same location for a photo in a few days. I don't know about your work days, but all of us are in meetings all day long, it is very hard to get toghether for this type thing. But, alas, there is no choice! The boys just wouldn't behave for this session. HAHA, I love the group I work with, we are in a mezzanine type area, away from all the other employees, I think it was preplanned, we are too roudy and 'verbal' to be in a real cube city.

supermom said...

oh lordy, so i ask for pics and this is what i get. hmmm????

Brandy said...

2 days and no update, you slacker!!

grandmacarnes said...

I'm in a classroom, Brandy, don't give me business, you haven't updated, ya know!