Wednesday, August 22, 2007

HomeMade Salsa and Tomato Juice

I have spent the last two nights at my sister Deanne's canning salsa and tomato juice. The salsa is just right, not too hot, and not too sweet. I haven't canned since we were first married. I forgot how much better homemade tomato juice tastes in chili and that kind of thing.

There are more tomatoes for me if I want them, so I am thinking I am going to try to make some more juice. First I have to get a couple pieces of equipment. I can't intrude on my sis and her hubby every time I want to make something. They do have an incredible set up to do their canning, big commercial sinks, HOT WATER to get the jars ready, and a juicer that makes you salivate, it cuts the prep time by 3/4 when getting your tomatoes ready to can.

I think it is great her hubby helps her do all the canning. It would take forever if you were out there alone. He helped me last night, they have a definite routine, it goes pretty smooth, and quick. I was quite impressed!

Thanks, Deanne and Mike. I will take pictures of my jars and post, I am so proud!


Deanne said...

We loved being able to help. We would never know how to do it if someone hadn't helped us at one time. If you want to do juice just let me know. Until our tomatoes start up again we won't be doing much and I will be happy to help you do it. I am off on Monday's and Thursdays and we can easily do juice on one of those nights or even on a weekend day.
Love you.

Deanne said...

BTW - I was scared to death to read your blog today. I was afraid you might have taken and posted a picture of Mike in his hot rod shorts! :)

supermom said...

wow, my mom canning. never seen that in my 30 yrs of life. i believe this is an art that will be lost. i wish i knew how to do it. i think it would be fun. i always remember grandmas shelves in the basement loaded up with all the tomato goodies.

grandmacarnes said...

If you could get my son in law to move you closer, I would do it with you.

Brandy said...

it has been 2 days, why no update? huh?huh?