Friday, August 31, 2007


I just attended an MS Project 2003 class yesterday. I was amazed at how much easier an application is to run if you know all the little shortcuts. Just goes to show you, time and money spent on educating yourself on these little things really makes a difference. I loved the place where the class was held, New Horizons in Omaha on 120th. They send you a link to use after the class, it's good for 6 months. You can repeat the material over and over. I think that is phenomenal. Studies show that your retention after a class can be/are as low as 7-10%, after a good night's sleep, it can increase exponentially to 50% or as high as 80-90%. But, if there is a span of time between the class and your application of the knowledge, retention will decline. I think it is impressive this company is doing something about that lack of retention. We have known this information for years, it is innovative to finally do something to allow that knowledge to be retained. I have already signed into the link they gave us to 'study' the materials.

This weekend proves to be a long one, thank God for the Labor Day holiday. I have warned Steve I plan to shop at least one day. I still have gift certificates from my birthday in April I haven't used. Steve and I are taking a little trip in January, so I'll need new clothes. There is a killer shoe sale at Younkers. They put coupons in the paper to get an additional 20% off, I am so there. I am not one to buy a lot of shoes, so mine get beat up pretty bad, I need a couple new pair to replace some that are showing wear.

Shoes are lacking in my closet, but you can't get a slip of paper between all the stuff hanging in there. It is crazy, I have to thin again. I love to buy blouses, I have a ton of them in call colors. Such a wide range of taste, too. I haven't really decided what my personal taste is, I don't think. I can go from flowery to tiger prints in the span of an afternoon. Keeps life interesting, don't you think?

Only thing that could make my weekend better is to see my grandbabies.

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