Saturday, August 4, 2007

WOWZER, it is HOT!!!

This morning we got up to get to the coffee shop early so we could beat the heat.

It's Steve's birthday on Tuesday, I ask him for 6 weeks prior what he wants, and I always hear 'nothing.' Well, today he woke up and told me he can't stop the pain in his feet anymore, so he thought he needed to get his workboots replaced. After he showed me the inside of them, the back is pushed down, the sole is thin, the inside is wearing out, ummmm, ya think? Steve is a diabetic, their feet are the number one thing they have to watch and worry about. Lord, I wanna smack him sometimes. (LOve him too much or I would) But anyway, keeping a decent pair of shoes on his feet is key to a healthy lifestyle. His feet hurt anyway because he has neuropathy, he can't let his shoes cause him problems. I don't know why he does this, he worries about the cost. HELLOOOOOOOO, a major hospitilization from causing him foot problems is a lot more expensive. So, off to Bass Pro we went to get him a pair of boots. I love that place, at first I thought it was kind of boring. I changed my mind when I found the area where they keep the bird feeders, and the GPS's and they have all kinds of cool friers and things. Not to mention the field glasses for watching birds. (I know, I'm a DORK)

When we got done, we went to Wal-Mart for groceries. I wish I had known it was tax free day, the place was a bigger zoo than usual. I felt like I had been violated by the time I got out of there. UGH! But we did get home in time to get all the groceries put away, and then I have been cleaning. I wish that they would make self cleaning houses. That little vaccuum thing is kind of cool. Have you seen it? It will do the vaccuuming for you.

They are called Roomba's. I saw one working in Virginia Beach in a bead store, the man said he and his wife loved it, the thing would vaccuum each day at the same time, leaving them free to stock, do books, or wait on customers. It is also quiet. It seems to run in a random pattern around the room. However, the internal sensors pick out the dirtiest areas first and do eventually get the entire room. Is knows when the battery is low, so it will go back to the charging station to recharge, then finish the room. When they bump into things, they automatically back up and continue on their merry way. They are quite pricey, I'd love to have one, though. As all things that are fairly new, the price will eventually come down to a level where I think the cost is doable. Until then, I drag out my noisy vaccuum and do it myself.

My sister in law had to attend a funeral today, it was to be her SISTER breakfast day, but she had to cancel, which is a bummer, cuz they are so fun. All 5 of my blood sisters and our sister-in-law go to Deanne's house, open the gifts, have a cup of coffee and great conversation, then we go to the city to eat at a restaurant of the birthday girl's choice. It is fun. The other two sister in laws used to go, but they stopped, so it all of us and one sis in law.

Isaac worked, I haven't heard from Karen today, and Steve is napping. Not much going on here, too hot to do much. Have a great weekend!

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