Sunday, August 12, 2007

Anniversary Surprise

Steve called me at work on Friday, told me to go pick up a rental car, leave my car and come on home. I did, we went to see the grandbabies for our anniversary. I couldn't believe it, he didn't indicate all week that he was taking me there. He didn't call Karen or Bryan to tell them we were coming. (Just in case something happened and we cancelled the trip.

Saturday night when we were sitting around visiting after dinner, the kids were playing, they had various things on their heads for hats. They would turn around and ask us "What do I look like? We had a variety of funny things to tell them, they'd giggle and then go find something else to put on their heads. One thing lead to another, we all had to have 'something' on our heads. I got the soccer ball halloweeen bag, Steve got the lid to the drum Noah had on his head, Olivia had a Thomas the Train sand pail on her head, and they stuck a hockey puck on Karen's head. We laughed so hard at each other. Bryan walked in the door after a long day at work to see us all in our "GLORY". He decided it was a Kodak moment:

Noah and Olivia love the crocs shoes. They wear them everywhere. Mostly because they can slip them on and be out the door in a flash. Since the have been little, I always get them some kind of socks when I come to see them. This time I found Spiderman socks for Noah, but was unable to find any socks for Olivia.(These are not easy to find, I tell ya.) He immediately put his on along with his Crocs, and 'posed' for us:

Isaac gives the kids gifts that he hopes they will cherish, as well as remember him by when he is not in their presence. Olivia kept telling me when I visited in July that she wanted a cupcake. I would look and look, but never found any, I was looking in the wrong place, I thought they'd be in the cupboard. Well, this little brown dog Isaac got her is 'Cupcake.":

I also took the kids an orange and purple bag to put their swimsuits in when they go to the waterpark, Noah put his on his head, slipped his arms thru the handles, put his orange crocks on his hands, then would run around chasing Olivia growling and telling her he was a "monster". He woult then whip the bag off his head and tell her it is only "ME" Owivia. She would sigh with relief and say "OH, it's only Noah, Grandma". It was so cute, you can see thru the bag, but she got nervous anyway. They are toooooo fun to watch:

We had a great time, unfortunately, we had to come home early, it would have been fun to have one more day, but we couldn't. I wish they lived closer, but God has a plan for them, it doesn't include a move home any day soon, I don't think.


Brandy said...

It is wonderful that you had such a great surprise.

Deanne said...

What an awesome thing to do!! I know you were having major withdrawal's from dem babies and this couldn't have been more perfect timing! I hope you treated Steve to "something special" for this sweet surprise! :)
Love ya.

Leslie said...


What a lovely surprise! Beats the Iowa State fair at 100 degrees !! Thanks for the call about the contest, the boys were so excited! I watched their faces as we played your message and chandler had the strangest look on his face I asked him what was wrong and he said " I have the strangest feeling in my stomach mom, I think I'm proud of us, we helped to make those kids feel a little bit better" you can count on our help next year!! I enjoyed our visit the other night and although I don't know any of the "history" that you spoke of with people here in town the work that you are doing with this project and the wonderful family that you have made are a TRUE testiment to the wonderful people that I see before me! You have a lot to be proud of! Keep up the great work!!!