Friday, August 3, 2007

School Supply Drive

Each year at work we always do a school supply drive for the "Too Cool School" inside the hospital. The supplies are donated to this school so that children that are terminally ill or chronically ill will not fall behind in their studies. My department has won this drive 2 out of 3 years.

My friend Kim and I are the two that collect money, keep track of the supplies, tally the total at the end, then drag it all the way up the hill from Leavenworth St. to the main hospital. Last year we collected $1300 in supplies. When it is all done, if we win our entire department will receive an ice cream social. It's a ton of fun to see the absolute delight on grown people's faces when they are making ice cream sundaes in that meeting! Each year it is about winning for me, I am ferocious about it! I want to win each year! I love that wal-mart sells the notebooks for $.10, Office Depot has crayons, compas' and glue for a penny right now, there is a limit of 3 per person, but it gives me great satisfaction to get the stuff knowing it makes the kids so happy.

The number one need each year is back packs. Last year we had 18, this year we only have 11, so there is a huge push right now to get at least 7 more to hit last year's number. I love it. We'll make our goal if I have to buy things myself to get our numbers up. We even buy for pre-school age and early learning, so they want rattles, mirrors, baby grooming brushes, etc. Nothing can be used, it all has to be new. Today we found $.50 rattles at Wal-Mart that were very neat.

Hey, Leslie, don't sweat it, sometimes I take things the wrong way, I appreciate that you came here to at least explain. I grow weary of people telling me Malvern is wonderful when I have had many unpleasant experiences with the town and people in the town. Some people judge me on things that I have not done, but things that people in my family have done.

Yes, Karen is old enough to have children, they are really neat, she is a wonderful mother!


Leslie said...


I have two brand spanking new lunch bags still in the original packaging if you need them for your school drive!!! Let me know, I'll drop them off for you!


JEN said...

I think what you are doing is great! I would love to help out! Let me know if you need me to pick up anything or even meet you at office depot so we can each pick up 3 boxes of crayons, compasses, etc. I'll even get some backpacks. I love helping out people that need it...ESPECIALLY kids! :)

PS...the thought of Karen being old enough to have kids is still a shock to me and I'm OLDER!! Hee hee:) She is a great mommy though!

Leslie said...


Also, we were at Mangelsen's yesterday and they had folders outside in a grocery cart for 5 cents each with pro football teams on the outside NO LIMIT! If you know somone in the city you might send them quick to scoop them up because I'm sure with tomorrow being Saturday at that price they won't make it through the weekend! (they are where you enter at in the craft department) If they are something you are interested in having but can't get anyone over to get them I have to be right next door tomorrow and I would be happy to grab as many as they have my treat!! Just let me know if that's something you even need! Great project!

Wendy said...

Umm...hello! I think teachers are aloud more than the three limit at OD or OM..can't remember which one. I would love to help..let me know what you need..
i can always use my teacher discount for good!

grandmacarnes said...
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grandmacarnes said...

I am more than happy to take any school supplies you want to donate. Steve and I went to OM today, the 1 cent supply sale is over. Give me a call and I will pick up whatever you have for me. THank you all so much for your generous offers.